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RiskConcept’s priority  is to ensure the safety of industrial facilities, protect health and the environment, analyze risks and control the manufacture of products, respecting safe production technologies.

Our specialists monitor the operation of factories and plants forprocessing raw materials, ensuring an adequate level of industrial safety, environmental protection and human health.

We provide expert industrial solutions to businesses. With over 30 years of experience we’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best results from a international team, focused on superior results and quality.

Risk assessment

Analysis and risk assessment, the procedure of risk identification and assessment (HAZID, HAZOP), qualitative and quantitative risk assessment,safety Integrity Level (SIL).

Construction supervision

Technical audit of the supplier, including quality control of products, supplier’s inspection, acceptance inspection, examination of laboratory tests results.

Technical audit

Technical audit of the supplier (second party inspection), process-oriented inspection and audit focused on the product; performance of quality control of products or works.


Expediting, control of imported products, track the timely delivery, exclude failures, control all production processes, attract the necessary specialists.

Risk-based Inspection (RBI)

Risk-based Inspection API 580 / API 581, inspection of existing plant equipment, prioritization of inspected equipment based on measured risk, systematic risk management.

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