Construction Supervising

Construction Supervising

The main purpose of construction supervising is to ensure control, transparency and predictability of processes in the control of construction and installation works for the Customer. The activity of specialists is aimed at compliance with the rights of the Customer, the most important of which is the improvement of the quality of work with the rational use of the invested funds in production.
Who carries out construction control? Engineer (inspector) of construction supervising is an important intermediate in the process of communication between the Contractor and the Customer, it is an independent and unbiased expert in the field of technology of construction of buildings, construction work, construction economics and architecture.
This is a person who has a variety of technical experience in the construction of various construction projects, ranging from residential and low-rise construction and ending with large infrastructure and oil and gas facilities. The main task of the independent expert is not only the detection of defects in the performance of work, supply of materials and finished products, exposing the unscrupulous Contractor, but also prevention of its occurrence in the subsequent stages of construction of a building or structure. The inspector is the tool that helps the Customer to monitor the construction of the object, compliance with the rules and regulations of the Contractors, as well as to advise the Customer on the correctness of certain design decisions taken in the production of works. It is important that the guidance and requirements of quality control expert of building materials, products and structures, equipment and apparatus, as well as quality control of construction and installation works are mandatory for the contractor.
According to SNiP 12-01-2004 Organization of construction production, Construction control Resolution 468 and SP 48.13330.2011 Organization of construction. Specialized edition of SNiP 12- 01-2004»: 3.7 the Developer (customer) has the right to control (make technical supervision) the progress and quality of work performed, in compliance with their terms, quality and correct use of materials, products, equipment, without interfering in the operational and economic activities of the contractor.

Thus, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, construction norms and rules and other regulations formulated the main objectives of the construction control:

  • ensuring the project within the estimated cost of construction;
  • ensuring the use of construction materials specified in the construction project or similar in their properties, purpose, technical characteristics;
  • ensuring the implementation of the construction project in a given time and in a given amount;
  • ensuring high quality of work.

In accordance with these objectives, the following tasks of construction control are formed:

  • checking the availability of documents on quality (certificates in the established cases) on the materials, products and equipment applied by the contractor, the documented results in the log of entrance control and laboratory tests;
  • control of compliance by the Contractor with the rules of storage and storage of materials, products and equipment; if violations of these rules are detected, the inspector may prohibit the use of improperly stored materials;
  • compliance control of operational quality control of construction works performed by the Contractor;
  • control of the availability and correctness of the contractors work as-built documentation for construction control, including the assessment of the reliability of geodetic executive schemes of structures with selective control of the position’s accuracy of the elements;
  • control over the elimination of construction defects and defects in project documentation identified in the course of work, documented return of defective documentation to the designer, control and documented acceptance of the corrected documentation, its transfer to the contractor;
  • control of execution by the Contractor of the state supervision bodies and local government construction control instructions; the notification of state supervision bodies about all cases of emergency situations on construction object;
  • control of compliance with volumes and terms of performance of works according to conditions of contract and the construction schedule;
  • assessment (together with the Contractor) of the performed works compliance, designs, sites of engineering networks, signing of the bilateral acts confirming compliance;
  • control over compliance the Contractor adheres to the requirement not to perform further work before the signing these acts;
  • final assessment (together with the Contractor) of the completed object compliance with the requirements of legislation, design and regulatory documents.

The construction control engineers of our company are able to perform the tasks while conducting works on construction, reconstruction, overhaul, decommissioning of oil and gas industry facilities and infrastructure, as well as large objects of civil and industrial value.

The list of supervising services:

1.During construction, reconstruction, overhaul of oil and gas industry and infrastructure facilities:

  • analysis of design and working documentation for control and compliance with design decisions;
  • verification of compliance with the standards, rules, as well as design solutions, documentation for equipment, materials, used in the production of works; specifications for equipment and materials, as well as documentary evidence of the quality assurance system at the manufacturers;
  • carrying out permanent or selective incoming inspection at the construction site of materials, products and equipment purchased by the customer, unloading and storage of material and technical resources in the warehouse of Customer or a specialized warehouse operator (acceptance of pipes, their transportation and storage; acceptance and storage of welding, insulation and other materials, structures and equipment);
  • incoming control of building materials, quality control of used products, structures and equipment, compliance with their requirements of working and normative-technical documentation, as well as documentary confirmation of the quality assurance system functioning at manufacturers;
  • construction supervision over performance by construction contractors procedures of incoming inspection (other services of construction supervising), timely conducting the required tests, the availability and state of documentation materials quality (in journal of construction control), equipment, assemblies and constructions which are supplied for manufacture on objects. Prevention of use for construction and installation works of products that have not passed the incoming control;
  • verification of readiness of construction and installation organizations to perform works on the project;
  • verification of compliance the works production process, quality of work and identification of
  • deviations from the project, regulations and technical regulations (civil engineering works, welding and installation works; insulation and piling works; construction of pipelines through natural and artificial barriers; installation of valves and equipment, etc.);
  • implementation of hidden works acceptance with registration of corresponding documentation;
  • conduction within technical supervision of a continuous or selective quality control of the works performed by the Contractor with the use of visual, instrumentation and physical control methods, testing of materials used in construction, for compliance with the manufacturer specifications;
  • relationship with the project designer, in order, if necessary, to make changes to the project and approval of the changes to the project, if required;
  • validation of laboratories conclusions issued by the Contractor’s labs for non-destructive testing (including control of radiographic films);
  • control of compliance of quality services, production supervising, construction supervising services, services of instrumental control by the Contractor, execution of requirements of the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation, local government, designer supervision, construction control;
  • timely detection of deviations from the working documentation and regulatory documents, issuance of requirements for the elimination of identified deviations or violations;
  • confirmation of the actual amount of work performed by the Contractor (act COP-2);
  • participation in the work of commissions for acceptance of completed construction projects:
  • carrying out hydraulic and pneumatic tests of objects;
  • investigation of the causes of accidents at the facilities;
  • signing of acceptance acts, including forms of COP-11 and COP-14.
  • assessment of compliance of the completed object with the requirements of the construction documentation.

2. In the production of construction, reconstruction, overhaul of civil and industrial facilities:

  • quality control of design and estimate documentation;
  • control of compliance with design decisions, construction norms and rules, as well as other regulations in the operational quality control of construction and installation works and design of production and technological documentation;
  • implementation of the breakdown and fixing on the construction site of the main axes of buildings and structures and geodetic reference marks, as well as participation in the inspection and acceptance of a detailed breakdown of the axes of buildings and structures and vertical marks of bases, foundations and ceilings;
  •  control over execution of documentation for demolition and transfer of buildings, underground and above-ground utilities and communications;
  • check of the progress and quality of construction and installation works, quality of construction materials, semi-finished products, parts and structures, availability of passports, results of laboratory analyses and tests;
  • check of timely and correct maintenance and registration of production and technical documentation;
  • check of Contractor for compliance with the proper storage of structures, equipment and constructed facilities before their delivery to the customer;
  • control the timely delivery of premises for installation of equipment;
  • systematic observation of important buildings precipitation and also the precipitation of all permanent structures constructed on collapsible soils, in preparation for the completion of construction of facilities for delivery;
  • checking the actual readiness of each type of work, structures, equipment and facility as a whole;
  • verification the availability of properly executed technical documentation, presented by the contractor at the time of delivery of the facility;
  • confirmation of readiness of facilities for installation of technological equipment.
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