Construction supervision

Construction supervision

Inspection control in construction (earlier – technical supervision or building supervision, construction supervision) is the big complex of verification measures for the control of construction works carried out to ensure adherence to defined project costs, timing, volumes and quality of performed works, as well as construction materials. Construction supervision services should be provided during the entire construction period: from the beginning of the construction process to the commissioning of the facility.
The need for its implementation is explained by the security guarantees of the erected building or

Construction control

Construction supervision is carried out under the provisions of article 53 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, paragraph 3 of the Regulations on the procedure for exercising construction control in connection with construction, reconstruction and capital repair of construction objects, approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 21.06.2010, №468, as well as the provisions of SNiP 12-01-2004 (SP 48.13330.2011).

Organization of construction works

As part of the independent construction supervision (technical supervision) our specialists carry out the following works:

  1. Check the availability of the documents certifying quality of the components used at construction, products, materials (passports, certificates of tests, etc.).
  2. Examination of laboratory tests results (static tensile/compression tests, impact tests, bending tests, ultrasonic/radiographic tests, penetrant defectoscopy, etc.). 
  3. Control of fulfillment of normative document requirements in the field of welding and quality control of welded joints; supervision of the design volume of welded joints; control of timely elimination of welded joints defects.
  4. Carrying out works on receiving inspection, selective and operational control, intermediate inspection and acceptance control.
  5. Control of contractor’s compliance with the requirements of customer, project, regulatory and technical documents, process recommendations, etc.
  6. Control of performance of works by the organizations which are engaged in construction installation works, repair or reconstruction of the technical devices, the equipment and constructions applied on dangerous production objects (OPO).
  7. Implementation, as it ready is, with the participation of the General Contractor representatives, interim acceptance of critical technical devices, structures and facilities while construction of hazardous production facilities.
  8. Regular provision of information on the identified shortcomings and recommendations for their elimination.

Properly organized services of construction inspection control allows you to document the proper level of security of a particular object. This is important, first of all, from the point of view of the future operation of the facility. Our company provides the extensive list of services which gives the chance to maximally optimize production processes. In the inspection process, more efficient management of design estimates is performed and rational choice of technical solutions is carried out by persons who are really interested in obtaining a quality result.

Supervisory control

Today, ensuring the quality of services and safety of manufactured products (including inspection control of certified products) is an urgent task for industrial enterprises. Supervisory control can be divided into direct and indirect, which can be used individually or in combination, depending on the
goals and process of obtaining evidence for compliance rate. Indirect methods include inspection of management systems (management system certification), direct inspection of production facilities (tests and inspections themselves). Thus, supervisory control is a direct method of conformity assessment, which confirms the condition of the product or service at the present moment and in the present place.

Independent inspections of quality control and production time (equipment and materials) at the factory allow the customer to receive inspection reports (according to the established and agreed by the customer’s form with accurate indicators of the tested parameters and the inspection plan) indicating the following:

  1. Information about the inspected equipment;
  2. Information on the inspection process;
  3. Revealed shortcomings in the equipment;
  4. Revealed violations of the equipment delivery contract;
  5. Control over the progress of work schedule;
  6. Other violations or inconsistencies that could negatively affect the implementation of the customers investment projects;
  7. Assessment of the revealed violations, their influence on the course of equipment manufacturing and recommendations on elimination of violations.

Forms of inspection control.

We offer the following forms of inspection control:

  1. Technical audit of the supplier, including quality control of products, warehousing of raw materials; receiving control of products, warehousing and delivery, etc.
  2. Supplier’s inspection, which may include any means of technical equipment, personnel qualifications, measuring instruments, documentation, processes and operations, the number of products produced, acceptance control, marking and etc.
  3. Acceptance inspection, which is carried out at the stage of shipment by one-time visits in the production process in order to inform the customer about the progress of the order.
  4. Expediting and control of imported products.
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